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Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy
Director of Programs & Marketing GrubStreet
Wet Ink has revolutionized GrubStreet's online program... In six months, we've already seen a huge increase in both registration and student satisfaction –– we couldn't be happier!
Christine Texeira
Christine Texeira
Education & Programs Hugo House
The platform is amazingly intuitive... Wet Ink staff are always helpful and available, and our instructors and students love it ...and it allows us to reach students we never would have been able to reach.
hugo house
Sharla Yates
Sharla Yates
Director of Education Creative Nonfiction
We grew tired of trying to customize a general learning management system to fit our needs, and ultimately chose Wet Ink... Not only does it look better but it has also helped foster a more engaged and dynamic writing community.
NYU UC Riverside
Deep feedback on writing
Provide deep feedback on writing
Margin comments on steroids

Have conversations around selected text without losing context of your classroom. Create custom highlighters and leave private feedback.

Critiques made simple - for instructors and students.

Effortlessly distributes critiques amongst your students. Easily control number of critiques each student writes, and when student can see each other's critiques.

Seamless teaching and learning around writing.

There is nothing quite like Wet Ink. We have invested years understanding needs of students and instructors for learning that happens around writing.

From visually encouraging students to stick to expected word count, full formatting support, beautifully rendered portfolio pages for each student, a special revision editor to some special features for classes like podcasting and screenwriting.

Julia Fierro
Julia Fierro
Founder and Director Sackett Street Writers
Wet Ink replicates the workshop experience with such thoughtfulness and ease that I only wish I had found it sooner... it has enabled us to draw from talent all over the country to reach students all over the world.
sackett street
Tim Tomlinson
Tim Tomlinson
Co-founder and Director New York Writers Workshop
For years we looked for the writer-and-instructor-friendly creative writing platform that would enable us to offer our workshops to an online, global population. We finally found that with Wet Ink, and nearly the entire globe has poured in.
Jill Pollack
Jill Pollack
Founder and Director StoryStudio Chicago
Our instructors love it. Our students love it. It is easy, intuitive & designed specifically for writers. We especially appreciate the critiquing capability, in-line comments feature & fantastically clean UI.
story studio
socially charged learning
Experience socially charged learning
Designed for high engagement

Experience an online classroom with much higher engagement amongst students than on other platforms. Our secret: we have thoughtfully applied principles of social networking to our learning platform.

Nurture your community

Beyond writing classes, we also give you a place for your entire community, where your past and present students can stay connected. After a class ends, you have the option to create a community just for students of that class!

There is nothing quite like Wet Ink. We have invested years understanding needs of students and instructors for learning that happens around writing.

socially charged learning
Lidia Yuknavitch
Lidia Yuknavitch
of Corporeal Writing Corporeal Writing
Wetink has changed everything. They designed an amazing platform specifically for writers... their customer service and tech support is OUTSTANDING.
corporeal writing
Lissa Kiernan
Lissa Kiernan
Founder and Director Poetry Barn \
Adopting Wet Ink was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Their state-of-the-art platform makes workflow & administration a breeze. It's a win-win for any writing community.
poetry barn
Jason Koo
Jason Koo
Founder and Executive Director Brooklyn Poets
We've recently adopted the Wet Ink platform for all of our workshops, both online and onsite... At the end of each workshop, students receive all their written work (both creative and critical) in one electronic package.
brooklyn poets
create beautiful lessons
Create beautiful lessons
Build lessons with ease

Easily create lessons


Add images, audio, video and embed external widgets like Soundcloud.


Embed questions, quiz, reading assignments, writing assignments.

Leave scattered Word files and documents behind. Go much beyond "track changes" and use special modes to view inline comments from specific people.

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"We've recently adopted the Wet Ink platform for all of our workshops, both online and onsite, built exclusively to address the needs of writing workshops and communities."
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"The online platforms that Wet Ink offers are cutting edge and fully comprehensive which will make them extremely beneficial to writing workshops"
Story Studio - Why online writing classes?
"Wet Ink, is designed specifically for writers and to be easy to use. With a built-in critique system, including the ability to write in-line comments, it’s easy to give and get feedback on drafts. Wet Ink makes online classes easier than ever to enjoy."