Hear about Wet Ink from others who have used it.
Alison Murphy, Director of Programs & Marketing, GrubStreet
quote Wet Ink has revolutionized GrubStreet's online program... In six months, we've already seen a huge increase in both registration and student satisfaction –– we couldn't be happier!

grub street

Sharla Yates
Sharla Yates, Director of Education, Creative Nonfiction
quote We grew tired of trying to customize a general learning management system to fit our needs, and ultimately chose Wet Ink... Not only does it look better but it has also helped foster a more engaged and dynamic writing community.

Creative Nonfiction

Christine Texeira, Education & Programs, Hugo House
quote The platform is amazingly intuitive... Wet Ink staff are always helpful and available, and our instructors and students love it ...and it allows us to reach students we never would have been able to reach.

hugo house

Julia Fierro, Founder and Director, Sackett Street Writers
quote Wet Ink replicates the workshop experience with such thoughtfulness and ease that I only wish I had found it sooner... it has enabled us to draw from talent all over the country to reach students all over the world.

sackett street

Tim Tomlinson
Tim Tomlinson, Co-founder and Director, New York Writers Workshop
quote For years we looked for the writer-and-instructor-friendly creative writing platform that would enable us to offer our workshops to an online, global population. We finally found that with Wet Ink, and nearly the entire globe has poured in.


Jill Pollack, Founder and Director, StoryStudio Chicago
quote Our instructors love it. Our students love it. It is easy, intuitive & designed specifically for writers. We especially appreciate the critiquing capability, in-line comments feature & fantastically clean UI.

story studio

Jason Koo, Poet, professor, founder/executive director of Brooklyn Poets
quote We've recently adopted the Wet Ink platform for all of our workshops, both online and onsite... At the end of each workshop, students receive all their written work (both creative and critical) in one electronic package.

brooklyn poets

Lissa Kiernan, Founder and Director, Poetry Barn, Hudson Valley, New York
quote Adopting Wet Ink was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Their state-of-the-art platform makes workflow & administration a breeze. It's a win-win for any writing community.

poetry barn

Minal Hajratwala, Writer of poetry, literary nonfiction. Coach for writers and their untold stories.
quote Wet Ink makes running an online class SO EASY. Neither the teacher nor the students have to worry about a technology learning curve. I've tried almost every interface out there ... Wet Ink stands out from the crowd. It's a real treat to use the friendly, visually pleasing, custom-designed interface that Wet Ink has created just for writers.


Lidia Yuknavitch of Corporeal Writing
quote Wetink has changed everything. They designed an amazing platform specifically for writers... their customer service and tech support is OUTSTANDING.

corporeal writing

Blake Kimzey, Executive Director, Writing Workshops Dallas
quote Wet Ink is the best platform for online creative writing classes. It is so easy to design, launch, and conduct an amazing course. We're also thrilled with the customer service and responsiveness.

Jennifer Suzanne Givhan, 2010 PEN Emerging Voices Fellow
quote I’ve taught online for years using many different platforms, and Wet Ink is by far the most intuitive online classroom I’ve used. Wet Ink understands the needs of the online creative writing classroom, and offers prompt support. I’m a very happy poetry teacher.

Bhumika Anand, Founder and Director, Bangalore Writers Workshop (BWW)
quote We have been using Wet Ink for almost two years now and the experience has been extraordinary. We are also working on increasing our revenue by scheduling and creating online courses on Wet Ink... Wet Ink has been like a dream-come-true platform for BWW.


Samantha Dunn, Award-Winning Author and Essayist, Los Angeles, CA
quote An AMAZINGLY useful platform for writing workshops. I was blown away. Excited by what Wet Ink offers! Can't believe someone has created this.
Trish Hopkinson, Co Founder, Rock Canyon Poets
quote Large scale MOOC systems... LMS systems... forum services... are generic, bloated, hard to manage to the workflow for a writing workshop and you have to constantly fight to keep your classes running smoothly. Wet Ink really shines in this area. A class at Wet Ink embodies well understood workflows for writing workshops


Kathy Paul
Kathy Paul, Stewardship Coordinator at Seattle University
quote I love the UX of both the mobile site and on my Mac. This is the easiest and most intuitive set-up of any online course I have taken. AND the most attractive!
Renée Alberts, Poet, No Water
quote Its interface is intuitive and built to encourage and facilitate community. I'm so excited about this new avenue to grow my writing. It was a hugely positive experience, and I’ve already signed up for another workshop.