For Organizations and Individuals
Pay only when classes are running. Partial months are pro-rated.
$9 / enrollment / month
Max $27 / year
For Schools and Colleges
Buy student enrollments in advance. Save when you buy more.
$24 / enrollment / year
$15 for 750+, $18 for 500+, $20 for 250+, $22 for 100+
Free Tier: Run one class at a time, for up to 4 weeks & 8 students.
Give a space for your students to stay connected even after a class ends.
$10 / 50 members / month
How do you define an enrollment?
An enrollment is a student taking a class.
Do you charge for instructors and administrators?
Only students are charged for.
Can I change plans or cancel any time?
What kind of support do you offer?

There is a live human chat support built on every page. Additionally you'll have access to a guide, help center and product tours. Our customers love us for the support they get. We are here to help you every step of the way as you build and run your classes.